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Welcome to eServices for business taxpayers.

Several electronic services are available for your convenience. Each offers distinct customer service features and supports selected tax types (schedules) – review the information below, then choose the eService that is right for you.

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  • File and pay using competitively priced software
  • Current, amended, and prior years
  • Payment scheduling options
  • Video - eFile basics

What are the benefits of eServices?

What are the payment options?

What are the payment scheduling options?

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File a return

Corporate income and franchise tax (eFile)

IFTA tax

Motor fuels tax

NC-3 and withholding statements (eNC3)

Partnership tax (eFile returns, payments)

Sales and use tax (E-500, E-536)

Withholding tax (NC-5, NC-5P)

Pay tax due

Alcoholic beverage tax (eBusiness Center - beer, fortified wine, unfortified wine, and spirituous liquor)

Certain machinery and equipment tax (eBusiness Center)

Cigarette tax (eBusiness Center - resident and non-resident)

Combined general rate sales and use tax (eBusiness Center)

Corporate income and franchise tax

NC-3 (eNC3)

Other tobacco products tax (eBusiness Center)

Piped natural gas excise tax (eBusiness Center - repealed 7/1/14)

Utility franchise tax (eBusiness Center - electric, water, and sewer – repealed 7/1/14)

Withholding tax (NC-5, NC-5P)

Other eServices

Bills and notices (requires a notice number)

Register a business

Use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)