eServices for Businesses

The NCDOR is experiencing issues with the Online Filing and Payment system that may prevent tax payments from being processed and/or cause slow responses moving from screen to screen. If you do encounter slow response times please do not refresh the page or press back on your browser. Wait for the transaction to complete or error. We are working to resolve the issue and apologize for any inconvenience.

Welcome to eServices for business taxpayers.

Several electronic services are available for your convenience. Each offers distinct customer service features and supports selected tax types (schedules) – review the information below, then choose the eService that is right for you.

Looking for eFile?
  • File and pay using competitively priced software
  • Current, amended, and prior years
  • Payment scheduling options
  • Video - eFile basics

What are the benefits of eServices?

What are the payment options?

What are the payment scheduling options?

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I want to …

File a return

Corporate income and franchise tax (eFile)

IFTA tax

Motor fuels tax

NC-3 and withholding statements (eNC3)

Partnership tax (eFile returns, payments)

Sales and use tax (E-500, E-536)

Withholding tax (NC-5, NC-5P)

Pay tax due

Alcoholic beverage tax (eBusiness Center - beer, fortified wine, unfortified wine, and spirituous liquor)

Certain machinery and equipment tax (eBusiness Center)

Cigarette tax (eBusiness Center - resident and non-resident)

Combined general rate sales and use tax (eBusiness Center)

Corporate income and franchise tax

NC-3 (eNC3)

Other tobacco products tax (eBusiness Center)

Piped natural gas excise tax (eBusiness Center - repealed 7/1/14)

Utility franchise tax (eBusiness Center - electric, water, and sewer – repealed 7/1/14)

Withholding tax (NC-5, NC-5P)

Other eServices

Bills and notices (requires a notice number)

Register a business

Use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)