eFile for Businesses

Partnership – approved products for current, amended, and prior years

The product names and details*, below, are provided by providers and are subject to change. The list is updated as new information or additional approved products become available.

The list includes current and amended year and, if applicable, prior year product availability.

Contact your provider of choice for pricing and purchase.

Product Name Product Details (TY2016) Prior Years
Drake Software
  • Software product: Drake Software
  • Tax forms: D-403
  • Payment type: D-403V
  • Contact: Drake Sales
    • Phone: 800-890-9500
  • Payment options: Yes
For TY2015 and years earlier than two years prior to the current tax year, partnership returns and payments must be filed by paper.


All software providers must test and be granted approval for eFile each tax season.

NCDOR does not affiliate with any particular software providers, does not endorse any particular products, and is not responsible for software products or any error that may occur in a software product.

If you need assistance with a software product, contact customer support for that product. NCDOR does not provide technical software support.