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eNC3 Tips and Updates

  • We have updated the eNC3 Portal to accommodate files for Quickbooks and MasterTax users. Users who previously received errors should resubmit their files.
  • For Manual Entry, we recommend entering the NC-3 data first to avoid having to re-key company information.
  • Need step-by-step help? Review our step-by-step guides.
  • For the best quality, watch the eNC3 tutorial videos in full screen and HD. Hearing impaired viewers should turn on closed captions.

What do I need to know for tax year 2016

What is eNC3?

Where can I get more information?

video Watch: eNC3 Application Overview

What do I need to know for tax year 2016:

  • enc3 how do i file Web File Upload: This option is enhanced. Click the link to access the file formats for tax year 2016 and learn more about this option. File formats updated as of 12/2016.
  • Online Entry: The Online Entry option will allow you to manually enter each NC-3, W-2, and 1099 in the eNC3 Portal without creating a file.
  • Bulk Transmittal: We are not accepting new registrations for Bulk Transmittal. To help payroll providers and other large businesses meet the electronic filing requirement, the Web File Upload option (above) is being enhanced.
  • Waiver information: The Secretary is authorized to waive the requirement to file electronically. Click the link to learn more.
nc-3 vs nc-5What is eNC3?

The law requires all businesses to file electronically. Use this application to file original and amended NC-3s and withholding statements.

NC-3s and withholding statements are due by January 31, annually.

Where can I get more information?

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