Semiweekly Withholding Payment Vouchers (Form NC-5P) Delayed

NCDOR normally mails the booklet containing the first quarter of North Carolina withholding forms to semiweekly payers in December of the previous year. The forms for the first quarter of 2016 have been delayed but are expected to be mailed by January 11. The payment date for tax withheld on January 1, 2016 is January 6; the payment date for tax withheld on January 2 through January 5, 2016 is January 8; and the payment date for tax withheld on January 6 through January 8, 2016 is January 13. Taxpayers who do not pay electronically and have not received their forms may remit the payment due by obtaining a personalized Form NC-5P from the NCDOR website, You may also make a one-time electronic payment by going to You may also begin making all withholding tax filings electronically by registering with our e-Business Center at If you elect to pay electronically, you will not receive future quarterly mailings of semiweekly withholding forms.