Received a Notice

You may receive a notice if you owe unpaid taxes to the Department. Review the resources below to find out more about why you received your notice and what actions you can take.

Understanding Your Notice

Not sure why you got a notice or what you should do next? The resources included here will help explain the most complex parts of the notice, and provide tips for choosing your next steps.

What Notice Do I Have?

Watch this video to identify your notice type, notice ID, and tax type.


More Information About Your Notice

Notice Title
Notice ID
Attachment and Garnishment – Taxpayer Copy N0010001, N0010003, N0010051, N0010053
Attachment and Garnishment – Employer Copy N0010001, N0010003, N0010051, N0010053
Authorization for Bank Draft Installment Agreement N0013101
Confirmation of Installment Payment Agreement N0012601
Default Notice N0012901
Delinquent Notice N0016101 - N0019401
Garnishment Release Letter N0010501
Notice of Collection N0002203
Notice of Collection Fee N0011001
Notice of Collection – Amount Shown Due But Not Paid In Full N0002401
Notice of Individual Income Tax Adjustment” N0001301 - N0001305
Notice of Intent to Assess N/A
Notice of Individual Income Tax Assessment N0000204
Payment Agreement Installment Notice N0012701
Privilege License Renewal N0050101, N0050102, N0050103
Unclaimed Refund Letter N0005802

Watch these videos for more information:

Notice Resources

Need more information about collection actions, paying and responding, or penalties and interest? The resources included in this section cover what you need to know and what you should do.

Collecting Past Due Taxes

Paying or Responding to Your Notice

What if I need to file a return?

Use our eServices page to file or amend returns and pay tax due.