New Revenue Unit Helps Victims of Identity Theft

April 6, 2016

RALEIGH – On Mar. 7, 2016 the North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR) launched a new team to help resolve cases of taxpayer identity theft. Serving within the agency’s Office of the Taxpayer Advocate (OTA), the Identity Theft Unit is specifically dedicated to expediting and improving the start-to-finish processing of all reports of identity theft.

One significant improvement taxpayers can expect is a designated agency employee who will serve as the single point of contact throughout the resolution process. Once assigned, the NCDOR representative will work directly with the taxpayer to ensure any documentation which may be required to validate a taxpayer’s return is received and processed timely. Through the new structure and oversight, the agency hopes to cut resolution periods by 50%.

"Historically, reconciling issues caused by identity theft has proven to be a long and difficult process, both for the taxpayer as well as the agency," said Secretary Jeff Epstein. "The new Identity Theft Unit has been formed to streamline this process, with a goal of making it more efficient and reliable for everyone involved."

The NCDOR continues to collaborate with other state revenue agencies in an effort to combat the growing threat of identity theft. If a taxpayer believes they have been a victim of a fraud scheme, please call the Identity Theft Unit at (919) 715-0195. Additional information can be found on the department’s website at

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