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NCDOR Publishes Form E-505

The form contains an overview of certain sales tax and privilege tax changes enacted by the 2016 General Assembly Session. full details

S&U Exemption Enacted for Certain Products for Use in an Accepted Wastewater Dispersal System

This notice covers the exemption effective October 1, 2016 for certain products made of recycled materials. full details

DOR Moves Office Locations in Elizabeth City

The new location will open on Monday, Aug. 29. The current office is closed for the move. full details

Privilege Tax Imposed on Certain Recyclers

The privilege tax is imposed effective July 1, 2016. full details

New Password Change Feature Available to NCID Users

Taxpayers must change their passwords to meet new security requirements to use the new feature. full details

DOR to Adopt Rules Regarding Market-Based Sourcing

Notice provides information on the adoption of administrative rules regarding market-based sourcing. full details

Corporate Tax Rate for Years Beginning on or after January 1, 2017 Will be Reduced by 1%

Notice provides information on the reduction of the corporate tax rate effective January 1, 2017. full details

New Email Addresses Introduced for NCDOR Employees

Current email addresses will continue to work for one year. full details

Cherokee and Jackson Counties levy an Additional 0.25% Local Sales and Use Tax

The local rate increase from 2% to 2.25% is effective October 1, 2016. full details

Privilege Tax Imposed on Certain Precious Metal Extraction Companies

The privilege tax is imposed effective July 1, 2016. full details

Privilege Tax Imposed on Certain Metal Work Fabrication Companies

The privilege tax is imposed effective July 1, 2016. full details

Sales and Use Tax Exemption Enacted for Packaging Items Under a Prepaid Meal Plan

The exemption is effective July 11, 2016. full details

NCDOR Publishes Sales and Use Tax Application and Important Notice regarding a Direct Pay Permit for Certain Boat, Aircraft, and Qualified Jet Engine Charges and Services

Effective July 1, 2016, the use tax exemption is applicable to the amount of installation charges or gross receipts derived from repair, maintenance, and installation services that exceed $25,000. full details

NCDOR Publishes an Important Notice Regarding Certain Purchases for Use at a Ports Facility

Effective July 1, 2016, the 1% machinery and equipment privilege tax is imposed on certain purchases of machinery and equipment, or parts, accessories, or attachments for use at a ports facility. full details

Contesting the NCDOR's Determination That an Amended Return or Claim for Refund Was Not Filed Within the Statute of Limitations

Notice provides guidance on a new procedure a taxpayer may use to contest the Department's determination that the statute of limitations bars a refund claim. full details

NCDOR Publishes Revised Notice for Privilege Tax Imposed Upon Banks

Updated notice explains repeal of filing requirement and effect on banking community. full details

NCDOR Publishes Important Notice for Wine Shipper Permittees

Notice covers a recent law change that requires wine shipper permittees to submit verified sales reports to the NCDOR each year. full details

Motor Fuels Tax Rate Decreases

Lower rate included in legislation passed last year and becomes effective July 1, 2016. full details

NCDOR Publishes 2015 Revenue Law Changes

The 2015 legislative session brought many changes to the Revenue laws and the North Carolina Department of Revenue. These changes are detailed in the 2015 Tax Law Changes. full details

NCDOR Announces Upcoming Maintenance for NC-3 Electronic Filing

Taxpayers have until Friday, March 18 to complete online filings before the maintenance window begins. full details

NCDOR Publishes Important Notices and Directives on Sales Tax Law Changes

NCDOR Publishes Guidelines for Computing the Sales Factor Based on Market-Based Sourcing Principles

NCDOR has published guidelines for computing the sales factor based on market-based sourcing. The guidelines include a summary of market-based sourcing principles along with tables that provide an easy reference tool for taxpayers; and a detailed notice that includes numerous examples intended to assist taxpayers in understanding the provisions of market-based sourcing. full details


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