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DOR Provides Status Update On Corporate Modernized Electronic Filing Initiative

Agency will now begin certification process with vendor community. full details

NCDOR Publishes Notice On Annual Requirements For Conditional Farmer Exemption Holders

Person issued a conditional farmer exemption certificate is required to submit tax return copies to NCDOR. full details

NCDOR Publishes Directive on Real Property Contracts

This directive addresses transition issues and the application of sales and use taxes to real property contracts. full details

NCDOR Will Send Corrected Form 1099-Gs to Certain Taxpayers in March

Initial versions listed incorrect refund amounts. full details

NCDOR Encourages Employers to Review Form NC-3, Annual Withholding Reconciliation, Before Submitting

Some taxpayers have submitted outdated versions of the form and must resubmit them. The current version of the form is available on the NCDOR website. full details

NCDOR Provides Underpayment Of Estimated Tax Interest Relief To Farmers and Fishermen

Decision pertains to taxpayers whose filings may be affected by the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014. full details

DOR Sends Letter to ABC Permit Holders

Correspondence included within annual renewal packet from ABC Commission outlines new tax compliance measures beginning May 1, 2015. full details

2014 Tax Law Change Booklet Published

The 2014 Tax Law Change Booklet is available for review now. It provides a comprehensive summary of last year's law changes. full details

Sales Tax Increase Approved for Anson and Ashe Counties

Voters in Anson and Ashe counties approved a 0.25 percent local sales and use tax increase effective April 1. full details

eFile For Free Available For Those Who Qualify

A number of commercial software vendors provide eFile for Free for individual income taxpayers. Qualifications vary by vendor - with some products, adjusted gross income can be as high as $60,000. full details

Free Tax Help Available For Those Who Qualify

For taxpayers with disabilities, who make $53,000 or less (generally), or who are elderly or limited English-speaking, VITA offers free tax help. For taxpayers who qualify, TCE offers free tax help and specializes in questions about pensions and retirement-related issues unique to seniors. full details

eFile Options For Individual Income Taxpayers Expanded

Estimates and extensions can now be filed and paid electronically by individual income taxpayers. full details

DOR Publishes Important Guidance About New Form NC-4 NRA

The guidance supplements information in the NC-30 (2015 Withholding Tables and Instructions for Employers), Form NC-4 NRA (Nonresident Alien Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate), and Important Notice to Employers and Pension Payers that withhold North Carolina income tax dated December 22, 2014. full details

DOR Publishes Notice Regarding Effect Of Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014

Adoption of federal legislation by North Carolina General Assembly may affect certain taxpayers. full details

DOR Publishes Notice Regarding Quarterly Refunds for Taxicabs

This notice advises that quarterly motor fuel refunds for taxicabs are repealed effective January 1, 2015. full details

DOR Publishes Notice to Employers and Pension Payers

The withholding notice informs employers and pension payers about law changes regarding the withholding of N.C. income tax from wages and pension payments for 2015.  The notice also reminds payers of compensation to ITIN contractors of the requirement to withhold N.C. income tax from that compensation. full details

DOR Publishes a Real Property Contract List and Tangible Personal Property List

The lists provide general guidance to assist in determining if an item of tangible personal property is installed or applied to real property and becomes part of real property as part of a real property contract or if the transaction is a sale and installation of such tangible personal property. full details

Internet Tax Freedom Act Extended

This notice advises that internet access services continue to be exempt from sales and use taxes. full details

DOR Publishes Notice on Real Property Contracts

The sales and use tax notice covers new statutory provisions that apply to sales of tangible personal property sold to a real property contractor for use by the real property contractor in erecting structures, building on, or otherwise improving, altering, or repairing real property made on or after January 1, 2015 and contracts entered into on or after that date. full details

DOR Publishes Sales and Use Tax Notice and Affidavit

The affidavit and notice address purchases of tangible personal property by contractors to fulfill a contract with a farmer before and after July 1, 2014. full details

Recent Sales and Use Tax Key Law Changes Published

Form summarizes recent Sales and Use Tax law changes. full details

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