Important Information Concerning the Filing of North Carolina Corporate Tax Forms

The NCDOR has implemented several important changes affecting the filing of corporate forms.
  1. NC-478 A-I
    The NC-478 forms are processed as a set. As a result, all NC-478 forms that are filed must be generated by the same software package or be filed on NCDOR forms. If your package does not support an NC-478 A-I form that you are required to file, you cannot use that software package to file the NC-478 forms. You cannot insert a value by overriding the package for any unsupported NC-478 A-I form on the NC-478 Summary provided by the software package. Taxpayers may file NC-478 forms provided by the NCDOR with the CD-401S or CD-405 corporate forms generated by the software package. The CD-401S and CD-405 are processed separately from the NC-478 forms.
  2. NC-478 Schedule
    This form, Pass-through Schedule for NC-478 Series, is filed if you received an NC-478 credit as a successor business or from a pass-through entity. File this form directly behind the NC-478 Summary.
  3. NC-478V
    Taxpayers who intend to claim an Article 3A credit for activities occurring in an enterprise tier 3, 4, or 5 area but not in a development zone will file this form, Fee for Article 3A Credits. The fee cannot be included with any balance of tax due and an overpayment of tax cannot be used to pay the fee. Therefore, taxpayers must send a separate check with the NC-478V. Taxpayers may use the NC-478V generated by software packages or available from the NCDOR website at
  4. NC-478I
    Credit for Research and Development – This is a new form that can be used by taxpayers qualifying for the new credit for research and development in Article 3F. The credit in Article 3F is available to all taxpayers regardless of business type. The research and development credit in Article 3F is effective for business activities occurring on or after May 1, 2005. The credit in Article 3F may only be taken on the 2004 tax return by taxpayers with a fiscal year ending on or after May 2005.
  5. CD-429
    The NCDOR is no longer mailing personalized corporate estimated coupons to taxpayers. Taxpayers must use the CD-429 generated by software packages or available from the NCDOR website at
  6. CD-419
    The Franchise and Corporate Income Tax schedules are now combined on the generic or in-house version of Form CD-419. Taxpayers will no longer have to complete two separate coupons in order to apply for an extension. Taxpayers must complete a worksheet in order to determine the amount of tax due. Software packages will continue to print separate personalized coupons for both schedules.
  7. CD-V
    Form CD-V includes two vouchers, a Corporate Income Tax Payment Voucher and a Franchise Tax Payment Voucher. If you owe both corporate income and franchise tax, send both vouchers with a check for the combined amount to the NCDOR.